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Discovery of Less is now available to buy. Horah! The link for amazon is just over there, but you can also get it from all good bookstores and some average ones too. 

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Look around you. Look at all the stuff you see. There’s a lot, right? It’s everywhere. In every drawer, bag and pocket. Behind every door. When is enough... enough?

After a lifetime of drifting in the comfort zone, Chris Lovett decided to pack it all in. Literally. Following an intense personal revelation while stuck in traffic, Chris unsubscribed from his own safe way of living and opted instead to maximise his world by letting go of everything he ever owned. How? He became a minimalist.

His debut book, Discovery of Less, recounts his intimate journey from once being consumed by busyness and material possessions to now designing a life LESS ordinary that works for him, not the other way around.


Inspiring, hilarious and uplifting, this book will inspire you to live simpler, better, happier. Because less is not just more, less is progress...

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“Chris Lovett offers a remarkably insightful look into what one can accomplish by disrupting our view of more, and the discovery of less. Bravo!”

Whitney Johnson, award winning author of Disrupt Yourself and Thinkers50 Leading Management Thinkers

"Like a dip in an icy lake, this book allows you to feel alive again. Inspiring yet practical, it's a compelling argument to assess life in the context of getting more, by adopting a philosophy of 'simple and less'. A great contribution to the area of personal improvement."

Jamil Qureshi, Premier League Performance Coach & Psychologist 

‘’Chris brings a freshness, honesty and humour to the world of minimalism and intentional living in Discovery of Less. His storytelling captured my heart and mind. Whether you’re a hardcore minimalist or this is the first book you ever pick up on minimalism, you’ll laugh, be inspired and ultimately walk away determined to live with less.”

Amy Revell, Host of The Art of Decluttering podcast and author of Simply Organise

“Chris is a text-book example of the positive, enriching outcomes of decluttering. We literally feel his shoulders lower and settle as he takes us through his journey towards minimalism. Here’s to him inspiring his readers to give themselves permission to crack on with their own decluttering journeys, boost their wellbeing and make 

their own discoveries.” 

Caroline Rogers, Author of Home and the Extended-Self: The Association Between Clutter and Wellbeing, Journal of Environmental Psychology, 2021

“Chris Lovett has articulated something that feels timely and important. I was immediately struck by the resonance of the idea then immediately inspired to respond” 

Bruce Daisley, Bestselling author of The Joy of Work and host of Apple #1 business podcast Eat, Sleep, Work, Repeat

“Chris has inspired me to take the plunge. Taking my foot off the materialist pedal makes perfect happiness sense!” 

Dr Andy Cope, Dr of Happiness & bestselling author of How to be a Well Being

"I'm actually really surprised how good it is, really fucking funny!"

Gav Thompson, Giff Gaff Founder and Host of Do Lectures Podcast

“I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed reading Chris Lovett’s personal journey towards owning less stuff. I found his style of writing with candor and humor refreshing. His stories illuminate the absurdity of keeping large quantities of things that aren’t being used or enjoyed. Discovery of Less rises to the challenge of adding value and a fresh voice to the movement of minimalism.” 

Lisa J. Shultz, author of Lighter Living

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