One of the UK's only speakers on minimalism and the less is progress approach.


My minimalist storytelling and timing of it resonates deeply as I share the life changing positive impact and psychology behind letting go, our relationship and attachment with stuff and the busy 'always on' mentality.


Get ready to find out how to unlock the potential of individuals and teams through simplicity and doing less!

A sustainable personal and professional life is quickly becoming the new normal, and it starts with letting go.




Time to remove those things getting in the way of you, being you, in high definition.


My 25 year professional career (I know, I don't look old enough, I moisturise!) has stretched across multiple industries and companies ranging from football clubs to 'big four' banks. I've worked with all sorts of diverse people from all sorts of backgrounds ranging from unsigned musicians, who are now household names, to top executives. People seem to like something about my coaching style that is different and progressive where clients get a fun and positive experience.

Whether it's time for a career change, a personal life transition or levelling up your professional approach, coaching could be for you.

Webinars / Workshops

Interactive and research backed webinars to support in taking back control of your personal and professional life. 

Whether its a case of imposter syndrome, overwhelm with too much to do, a well-being struggle or finding the sweet spot in your career, one of these may be a great addition to the progression of you and your group.

Be more with less and become the architect of your own life with your own minimalist mindset.