One of the UK's only public speakers on minimalism and the less is progress lifestyle. Chris' minimalist storytelling resonates deeply with us all and he shares the psychology behind letting go and techniques on how to ditch your 'stuff' to unlock your potential.


"Great inspirational Talk! Literally the next day I started to declutter and made two surprisingly large piles of items to sell or throw away. It's really made a difference - we feel a little less claustrophobic. Thanks again for the inspiration."

- Nick G.

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“The Minimalism presentation Chris delivered was life changing. It made me think what work and personal stuff I just hold on to that was creating baggage and ties. I took action the very next day by removing items from my garage! I recommend people take time to get hold of this concept.”​

—  Richard S.


"Thank you Chris for running a virtual session with our team. We really enjoyed your story and the experiences you brought resonated with many of us, encouraging us to think beyond the extra "stuff" we own and also question what is stopping us from letting go of it to live a more minimalistic life. Your open and relatable approach ensured the session was relaxing and interactive. It really helped me think about the next steps in decluttering both with physical items but also in other aspects of my life such as my inbox, the number of meetings I have etc. All in all a great session!"

- Lisa C.

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