If you would like to book me to run workshops or speak at your event or in your organisation please explore the links below to see what topics are covered and to find what best suits.

  • The Art of Saying No - Without Boundaries, You Are Bound To Everything. Become an Expert at Defending Your Time

  • Overcoming Imposter Syndrome - Let Go of the Self Limiting Beliefs and Unlock Your Talent

  • Professional Minimalism - Overcome Complexity and Simplify to Become Less Busy and have More Impact

  • Career Shifters - Learn How To Craft Your Next Fulfilling Job

  • Declutter Your Life - Improve Personal, Professional and Financial Wellbeing By Learning The Impact Of Decluttering

  • Simple Leadership - Become the sustainable modern leader in a chaotic and cluttered world

Alternatively, please email me on info@lessisprogress.com if you'd like to discuss anything more bespoke. 




"Thank you Chris for running a virtual session with our team. We really enjoyed your story and the experiences you brought resonated with many of us, encouraging us to think beyond the extra "stuff" we own and also question what is stopping us from letting go of it to live a more minimalist life. Your open and relatable approach ensured the session was relaxing and interactive. It really helped me think about the next steps in decluttering both with physical items but also in other aspects of my life such as my inbox, the number of meetings I have etc. All in all a great session!"

Lisa C, PwC

"At last a voice of reason! Chris delivers a perfectly balanced view of why we need sustainability and less in our lives and how clutter manifests itself in a physical, career, digital and mental form. Peeling back the layers of why we fill our lives with busyness and so much stuff and how we can free ourselves from its burden was a complete revelation"

Dawn W, NatWest

“Over lockdown we began working with motivational speakers to help encourage and educate our people during a challenging time. Chris was offering something different with minimalism and I didn’t know what to expect when we booked him, but he did not disappoint. Chris delivered his session remotely and unlike many online talks, he was engaging and drove a dialogue with his audience. The session was very interactive with Chris encouraging us to apply minimalist principles while on the session. He was a breath of fresh air and got us all to think about how we live and work in a new sustainable way. I would recommend him to anyone looking to get a speaker in to help motivate staff or on a personal level, anyone looking to understand more about the benefits of living with less.”

Vanessa C, SEC Newgate UK and Board Member at Insurance United Against Dementia

"I really enjoyed your session today, I will be using a number of the techniques you suggested to stop myself from getting excessively busy and allowing things to escalate"

Graham L, LV Insurance