Previous clients tell their stories

“Prior to chatting with you, I was feeling unmotivated and 'stuck'. You challenged my perspectives and I was encouraged to critically reflect, which was both challenging and rewarding. You helped me realise that I can take control of my environment and not just let stuff happen to me. I left feeling empowered to make positive changes, which I have now done. Thank you so much."

- Ilijana P


"My new work approach is so simple, I had the answers all along but I was just so caught up with people pleasing that I had no time to think for myself. All of a sudden I've got some time back. It’s crazy to think I just got used to living at 100mph forever doing things that on reflection didn't really make that much difference to anyone." 

- Michelle T


“I’ve been fortunate to receive coaching from Chris on several occasions. I have access to numerous coaches and I specifically chose Chris as I find him hugely professional and trustworthy. He gave me space to talk and think whilst also facilitating my thinking when I was stuck. I found his style really supportive and calming.”

- Sarah S


"Chris is incredible. He asked incredibly thought provoking questions and he really helped me get clear on the the things in my life which are not serving me. It was a powerful and impactful experience working with him. As a result I have a much better email inbox and a great system behind it!"

- Georgie D

"Chris has a great way of "getting to the core" yet "keeping it real". Truly one of a kind with a beautiful way to connect and share - superb presenter, author and coach!

- Mahji Q


“I'd been wanting to leave my current employer for a while but always found justification in putting it off. Chris was the catalyst that gave me confidence and self-belief to start my new career”

- Tom D


“I always enjoy talking to you, it’s so thought provoking and gives me a shot of bravery to go onwards and upwards, with less of course!”

- Jen B